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Get paid to answer questions

Get paid to give advice
You can make money online and get paid to answer questions and giving advice on the Internet. Everybody is expert and have knowledge about something. Each one of us is good at something. You can in fact make a decent amount of money by giving advice and answering questions online. Many people are ready to pay online, to get advice about a subject they are not familiar with themselves.

There are many sites, where people get answers from Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics or one of thousands of other Experts one-on-one. You can register for free and ask questions about you are not familiar with, or give the answers and get paid for this. Here are some A/Q sites:



JustAnswer is the largest paid question and answer platform with 20 million user base, where people get answers from real Doctors, Lawyers, Mechanics, Veterinarians or one of thousands of other verified Experts one-on-one. On the JustAnswer website, Customers receive answers to their questions quickly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No geographical restrictions. Anybody can join.

Basically you answer questions that are priced from $5 to up to $25 or more. If the customer accepts your answer, then (s)he will pay for it which will be deposited to your just answer account and once you have reached the $20 threshold, you can cash out via PayPal. Obviously you can work any time you want.

Founded in 1995, LivePerson helps the Internet deliver on its promise of making our day-to-day lives easier and better by supplying real-time access to the world’s experts and their knowledge.

For everyday people, LivePerson is an online destination, community and marketplace where individuals can chat live with experts in a broad range of categories.

WebAnswers.com is a free question & answer website where you can ask your questions for free and can answer other people’s questions. No geographical restrictions. Anybody can join.

WebAnswers.com uses Google’s AdSense contextual advertising program to generate revenue for the users that have been “awarded answers” by the people asking the questions. Once an answer you have posted is selected as the best answer for the question, you will earn a percentage of the revenue generated by that question from Google AdSense.

You need Google adsense account to make money from Webanswers.com. If you don’t have one, no worries you can create a new Google adsense account after answering 10 questions at webanswers.com. Payment Type: Money will be credited to your Google Adsense account itself.

Werlive give you everything you need to run a successful online business including the VideoChat program, online platform, and web traffic. You will receive 50% of what your Guests pay. Prices vary from $0.98 to $9.80 per minute, according to what you decide to charge, your seniority, and the rating you are given by your Guests.

You can create tutorials, take a photo, and provide services even when you’re not online, and you’ll still get paid!

Tutor students in your favorite subjects & earn money helping others!

1.Users post questions to our site, seeking help with an academic or technical subject. They offer a bounty for what they’re willing to pay for a tutorial that teaches them how to solve their problem.

2.You find their question by searching or browsing for questions, or by opting-in to email alerts in your areas of expertise.

3.Write up a great tutorial for their question on Student of Fortune along with how much you’d like to get paid for it. We’ll pick a random 20% of your tutorial as a preview and post it for everyone to see. Don’t worry… you’ll a say in what 20% we’re sending, and we never send the end of your tutorial (where we expect you’ll put the conclusion).

4.When the other user buys your solution, we’ll send you the tutorial (less 18% to cover the bare-minimum cost of processing your transaction).

5.We keep your tutorial around forever, so if it’s a commonly-asked question, you could be making money off it for a long time to come! Some of our users have made over $1,000 off of a single tutorial! In these cases, we’ll take 40% to help cover the cost of advertising your tutorial.

Get paid to answer questions is great way to make money from the comfort of your home.

Get Paid to Socialize

Make money socializing
    Every day more and more new social networks appear in internet. To attract new members and to to beat the competition some of them are ready to shear their profits with their users. It is a great way to attract more users. And members can earn some money during their stay.

    Definitely you are not going to get rich from this, but it’s fun way to make money. And this is something most of the people doing every day-with friends and family. Just here you get paid for this.

    Other very important thing you already know is if you have blog or website, social networks are great way to increase your traffic for free.

    If you are interested how to make money with social networking sites, and want to check here is a list with some sites that everyone can join. I hope you to have fun while making money.

One of the best paying sites.

  You earn $5 just for signing up with photo and the rest is as followed: (you can do most of these as many times as you want to), Create blog= 4c, Blog Comment= 1c, Upload video= 3c, Video comment= 1c, Post classified= 1c, Start topic in a group= 1c, Group Comment= 1c, Profile comment= 1c, Upload photo to album= 1c, Photo comment= 1c, Band comment= 1c, Chat reward= 2c, plus 5% of your referral’s daily activities. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make money on this site. You will be paid via PayPal.

I am registered in this site, and I will appreciate if you mention my nickname: yankok, like the men who invited you, when you register for this site.

is an amazing looking Social Network. My favorite. The one I could join even if I don’t get paid. AdlandPro distributes 70% of its Ads revenues back to their members. To get the most out of this site, it pays to have a public profile. This way other members of the site can contact you easier — any of these could be new friends or customers!
They pay via PayPal.

Mylot is more structured like a forum site than a Social Networking Site. Here you get paid for referrals, posting comments on the forums, sending other MyLot users messages, and for the activity of your referrals. You get 25% of your referrals earnings every month.

10$ is the minimum Payment and payments are made via

is a Free Business Social Network where people get paid to come together to share their business. You can make money by chatting with other members, talking about business ideas, content pages that you create, content pages that your network creates (6 level deep). You can also make money by selling your own Ad Space, which you create to promote your business! Apsense shares up to 85% of the revenue with you.

Minimum payout is 25$ viaPayPal.

Of course there are much more ,I can mention only this two more Ghater.com and SideTick.com as some of the well known.

Have a great time socializing and making money online!

Get paid to play games

Make money playing games
   Get paid to play games is amazing way to make money online. Most of the sites when you can make money by playing games you have to participate in real cash games which means you have to spend money.

    But there are game sites that allow you to make money playing games without you having to spend any money. These are 100% free game sites where anyone can join for free and get paid for playing games.

   How will they pay us to play? They earn from advertisers, and customers receiving services. You pay nothing to join, play for free and earn money or prize after enjoying games.

   If you like playing games online for free, and want to make some extra cash, here are some site you can join and get paid for playing games:

Secondlife is an online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. Second Life is a 3D world where everyone you see is a real person and every place you visit is built by people just like you. Millions of people have already joined Second Life. Chat for free using voice or text with folks from around the world who share your passions and interests.

   You can make money by buying and selling land (Virtual real estate), creating and selling content, clothing, gadgets, hosting and performing at events, Game shows, rock concerts and a whole bunch of different ways including sitting on camping chairs!

Exodus3000 is a multiplayer RPG strategy game where you can have fun while earning real cash and prizes! You don’t need to install any extra software…just sign up and begin playing! Once in the game, you will earn Mars Dollars (MD) by mining volcanos, searching ruins, and attacking other players. These MDs can be used to purchase upgrades and other fun things.

   If you like MMORPGs, MUDs, Role-Playing Games, or strategy multiplayer games such as Risk, you will find Exodus 3000 to be an exciting and new alternative. Even if you’re not a gamer, you will still have fun meeting great new people in the chat room and the forum. Have fun!

After earning a predetermined amount, you can request a cash out. You will be paid in the form of real money. Exchange rate is 300,000 MD = $20.00.

Dungeons&Treasures The adventure game that wins money and gifts for their players !

    Win gold by finding chests in the dungeons and by playing different games on the site.

    Each month the characters are reset to zero and the winning golds is converted into virtual DT$.

    When you reach a minimum of 5 DT Dollars you can request a payment in real Euro. (DT$1 = €0,70)

    Win more gold and cash with the bonus games : Jackpot, Treasure Hunt, Jousts, Contest Quest and others…

Sponsoring your friends and win : 30% of their earnings, 15% of their earnings referral and 5% in their under referral.

Prize live was created by a highly trained team bringing you great support and frequent updates.

Prize Live is a free membership survey site for people from all countries with most of its membership coming from United States, Australia, Canada, and United Kingdom. However, we still make our main focus to cater to all countries. Residents of all countries are allowed to register.

   Prize Live pays you to complete free offers, surveys, games and trials. We have partnered with several different advertisers and companies to bring you the most exclusive and high paying offers to maximize your revenue.

Points equal cash (1 point is equal to $1). Points can be earned from completing offers, commission from level 1 referrals, owning an offer in the reward section, and by winning in the games we offer. Points can be redeemed in the Rewards section for prizes and gifts. Points can also be converted into Game Credits in order to play Games and to participate in some Contests. .You get paid via

Kadokado.com Enjoy more than 60 Exclusive Games all developed by Motion-Twin. Play and win Kado points which can be used to buy Amazon Gift Cards!
All countries accepted various and funny games $6.5 minimum payout Amazon Gift Card.

Virtual Environment

In the CapturePlay virtual environment players own the virtual game characters or pieces that are used in each game. During the games, you can capture your opponents’ characters or game pieces, which then get transferred into your personal CapturePlay Account. You can use these captured pieces again in future games, or you can make a real world profit by selling them in the CapturePlay Virtual Market Place.

The Core Idea Behind CapturePlay:

   To bring people together in a virtual environment so they can play fun games for virtual items worth real money.

You are not paying us to play. You play against each other and you may lose or win virtual inventory that can be exchanged for real money.

   CapturePlay is a games room where you meet and play with friends. You can train for free by playing training-piece matches while working towards achievements and bonuses . You can also challenge other players and capture their pieces. Once you capture pieces and get more credits you can redeem these credits for real money.Play for free – you can still win money and rewards.

Cashing Out

   You can cash out and redeem your credits for money at any time after the cash-in requirements have been met (see below). Once you do that you will receive an automatic email asking you to provide information for your PayPal account so we can wire transfer your money. All our transactions are done securely to protect your privacy; our transaction system is powered by PayPal.

Play and win
Playandwin accepts international members, all of you have chances to win cash as long as you have a Paypal account which is used to receive your cash prize. Every members can play many fun and entertaining games for free, and no credit card and private personal info are required. By playing games, you can earn tokens, which you need to buy tickets in the draws for the various Jackpots.

   Quick Jackpot is won by one member every a few days, usually dozens of pounds. Extra Jackpot is won fortnightly, usually 100 pounds . Super Jackpot can be won every month, usually hundreds of pounds. You can read more about the prizes on the front page under “Prizes”. You don’t have to have many tokens for    winning, but the more tokens you have, the greater are your chances!

Maybe it is not a the best way to make a money on the internet. But the site is really a gift for those who like playing games and making friends with others online. You pay nothing but receive fun and prize. The site is established and trusted for many years .

Get paid to read emails

make money online reading emails
   Getting paid to read emails is one of the ways to make some extra money online. You can’t make full time living with this, but can add some extra cash to your monthly balance.

   Reading emails is similar to some of paid to click and paid to view adds methods, but here you have to reading mails mainly. Most of these sites give you more chances to make money. You can take surveys, do some offers or get paid to click adds.

  Main problem again is there are so many scammers. So you have to be very careful about paid to read email scams.

Here are few legitimate get paid to read email sites you can sign up with for free to make money reading emails.

 is a unique advertising platform that brings together the Advertisers and Members. Members are paid each time they check the advertiser’s promotion and advertisers are able to send their message to the masses at a very low cost!

  Membership is free. No geographical restrictions. They pay via all major payment platforms. Low $1 , PayPal and Alertpay and $2.50 Solidtrustpay Payout . No minimum Okpay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve Payout!

  Donkeymails.com has 2144 traffic rank in world by alexa. Donkeymails.com is getting 513059 page views per day and making USD 1541.18 daily.

Join now

Hits4pay.com   is one of the most proved and legitimate site. With Hits4Pay, it’s easy to earn some extra cash visiting and viewing advertiser’s offers and by referring others to website. You pay absolutely nothing to join as a member, ever.

   No Geographical Restrictions. Anybody can join. Commissions are sent on the 15th of each month as soon as the balance in your account reaches $25. If your balance does not reach the minimum then your balance will roll over till it does.

   Hits4pay.com has 7393 traffic rank in world by alexa. Hits4pay.com is getting 148789 page views per day and making USD 448.1 daily.

Join now

Uniqpaid.com   is an international program, where you get paid for signing up for Free Offers, reading E-mails, completing Paid Tasks, Paid Surveys, Visiting Sites, Online Shopping and for Referring Friends. You get paid by pay pal, check and gift cards. There is no minimum for cash out. Whether you make just $.01 or $500, you can request it through pay pal.

You’ll get +10% CASH BONUS for each offer completed during the first 2 days after registration in our program, so I would suggest you to try to complete as many offers as possible. Members are accepted from any country.

Join now

These 3 are most truthful sites. There are some more I can mention, but they have geographical restriction.
Cash4offers.com – Members are accepted from USA, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM and AUSTRALIA.
Uniquerewards.com-Members are accepted from USA and Canada.
PaisaLive.com-Only for Indian Residents.

Get paid to surf

Get paid to surf the web

If you are looking for easy way to make money online, paid to surf is the one. You can’t get rich from this, but you don’t have to work hard either. In the recent years, with the new wave of internet users and the growing popularity of internet amongst all kinds of people, paid to surf sites become more popular. And again there is a lot of scam all over again. You have to be very careful when you join some site.

Here I found some legit sites when you can get paid just to be online and doing nothing.But the truth is even some time legit and paying sites become SCAMS

MyBrowserCash now become very popular

After using the site for 1 year definitely I can say that MyBrowserCash is a SCAM. I am trying to withdraw my money more than 7 months.First time my money(19) disappeared from my account. I wrote a ticked, but have no answer. My next withdrawal request was for 40 dollars and after 3 months the money appeared on my purchase account. I wrote the second ticked , but still have no answer:).Now I have my 3 attempt to withdraw my money and waiting more than 2 months.Just my advice is: Don’t waste your time with this site.

The next text is my article I wrote a year ago about this site.

One of the best paid to surf sites.
They have more than 200 000 members. Give you 1$ to join and few cents a day for doing nothing. From time to time commercials appeared on your screen, if you click all of them you will earn around 10-12 cents a day. If you don’t want, just ignore them. You can disable this any time when you work.
If you invite some friends you can earn from them too. When your account reach 20$ you can request payout.

Join now

Gomezpeerzone. This site concept is Get Paid to Keep your Computer Turn On and Make Money Doing Nothing

You just install gomezpeerzone on your computer, and do nothing. I have installed on my computer, and I can guaranty that is not virus and don’t slow down your computer speed. You can make some extra cash by inviting your friends.
Now there’s a way for you to help make a difference in the performance of the Internet – using the otherwise unused capacity of your PC. And, earn cash in the process!

Using the combined computing horsepower of thousands of PCs around the world, Gomez can measure, for the first time, the real-world performance of Web sites – from the end-user’s perspective. The data collected by you will be used by Gomez’s customers to improve the performance of their Web sites – eventually improving the online experience for us all.

Right now, Gomez is looking for users from all over the world with different Internet connection types, including dial-up and broadband users.

Gomezpeerzone.com has 10124 traffic rank by alexa.
There is no geographical restrictions. Anybody can join. When you make 5$ you can get paid out via PayPal.

Join now

CashGopher is a website that empowers users to “let your computer work for you” and earn money by installing our downloadable software.

CashGopher is extremely simple to use. You download and install the software, use your computer as you normally would, and make money while doing nothing.

Once you have accumulated at least $10 in your CashGopher account, you are eligible to receive your account balance paid out via PayPal.

Cashgopher.com has 10124 traffic rank in world by alexa.

Join now

20Dollars2surf is running from one year.

Site is French. It is Legit ,paying until now, and there is some time delays.
Less than a year have already 500 000 members. 20dollars2surf concept is:
You just install a banner on the bottom on your screen, and get paid for this. You can close this banner if you have some work. From this banner you will make around 1 dollar per month. Not much, but if you invite some friends and they invite some.You get paid 10% from your referral earnings on 10 levels deep .You can make simple calculation by yourself how much money you can earn from referrals.

I run campaign and if you want to join you are welcome. Basic concept is everyone who joining from my list will be added to list and support with commercials. Not everyone have time or desire to commercialize his referral link, so we do this together. When someone made 3 referrals 1 level, go out from the list and commercials go for these under him. Everyone will be happy! If you are interested go visit this webpage:

Even if you don’t want to put some affords earning from referrals, you can add some dollars a month, just doing nothing , and do what you do everyday – surfing online.

make cash

How to make money on Twitter

Twitter marketing
This article is about how we can make money using Twitter. How to gain more followers buy improving our twitter performance.

First you have to know that it’s not that easy to make money on social networks. I mean real money. More of the people trying to make money on twitter are hardly made a few dollars a month. In order to make decent money with Twitter you need to start with good foundations. Make a good strategy and work hard. To put it mathematically is to have many followers. Also you have to be positive, not spamming your followers. Acting well and be ethical will help you to achieve your goals.

What is the way to make money on twitter?

There are two ways you can make money with Twitter. First you can promote your own products and services or you can promote other peoples products and services. Both of the ways are similar – you just post links on Twitter. Also you can use Twitter to get more traffic to your blog or site. To build your own brand.

Now is the moment to say what you don’t have to do for money – to get paid for following people, to sell your Twitter account or to get paid for sending direct messages. It’s against Twitter policy. If you do so you can get banned or lose more of your followers. And it’s not worth it – you can make only a couple of dollars.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter, is a free service , a combination of a micro blogging tool and a social networking site. Twitter is free to join and you can get set up with an account in a matter of just a few minutes.

Twitter has two main components. Just like social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook, you can add “followers” and follow other people as well. They’ll receive your updates and you’ll receive theirs. What is unique is that your messages are limited just to 140 characters, which is why some people call it a “micro blogging” tool. You have to keep your messages brief and to the point. Now a day more people like this.

Twitter Basics

Here are some basics of twitter. If you are familiar with Twitter you can skip this chapter.

Followers and Following After you have followed someone their tweets will appear in your timeline. For your tweets to appear in someone else’s timeline the user must be following you. Tweets -This is the short messages you sending to your followers.

@ Mentions are how you publicly interact with people. To make use of them all you need to do is type the @ symbol then the username of the person you want to mention. Like normal tweets @ mentions will appear in your timeline, however you can view them all by click the “Mentions” tab on your homepage.

Direct messages are private, they can only be seen by you and the person you have sent one to. Better not sending spam and affiliate links with direct messages, because you can lose your followers, or get banned. To send a user a Message just go to their profile and click the “Message” button. To view the messages you have received just click the “Messages” link on your homepage.

Retweets or RT’s are a way to share tweets you like with your followers. There are two ways to retweet a tweet . The first way is to simply click the “Retweet” button found on the tweet itself. The other way to do it is to copy the tweet and create an @ mention with letters RT in front of it then paste in the tweet. Doing it this way is know as the old way and will appear in the users Mentions tab instead of the Retweets tab.

Favorites Add a tweet to your favorites by rolling over it and clicking “Favorite”.
Twitter lists are a way of organizing people you follow into groups so you can easily view their tweets.

Account phishing You have to be aware about this – it is not something new, like all around internet, there are some people that are trying to attack your account and take your personal information. Just have to be careful when you use some 3rd party service that requires access to your Twitter account it will ask you to authorize it. Malicious applications will take advantage of this access and use it to spam your followers or collect your data. It’s happened to me before one month – they hacked me and sent some spam messages from my account. I was lucky and everything finished when I changed my password. Never authorize any application unless you trust it’s creator and know exactly what it’s going to do.

How to set up your profile

Your Twitter profile says a lot about you and is often all some people will see. A good choice for a profile picture is a recent photo of yourself, however you can really use anything you like. But better is picture to be clear. About name you should use your real name – the best way to brand yourself, and to give you more credibility. Of course if you are making account to brand your site or blog or business is OK to use this brand name. About address – just city and country are enough to target your local audience.

Web address – This is great way to promote your web site or blog, or if you don’t have one – you could use a link to About.me page or Xeeme.com page.

Bio – you can use 160 characters and use hash tags in your bio. Using hash tags in your bio can help people find you when they are looking for people that are interested in certain topics.

How to construct a tweet?

If you want your tweet to be well constructed it needs to include a hash tag, a link in the middle of the tweet(optional), be spelt correctly. Whenever you post a link you should use a service such as bit.ly to shorten it. You should avoid services that offer to pay you for using their url shortening service. Your Twitter followers will not be happy when they click these links as they will be presented with ad’s before they are able to see the content you have shared.

How to post my tweets?

There are some rules and ethics that apply when you tweet. If you want to be successful on Twitter have to take care about the way you tweet.
Tweeting once a day is not enough, once an hour is more in the ball park. The more often you tweet the more chance you have of being seen. Always try to leave at least a few minutes between your tweets.

To start out with, better to post things that are related to you personally and not your blog directly. Remember, first and foremost Twitter is a social networking utility. People have a low tolerance for blatant advertising. You have to post not only promotional links. Have to post links related to your niche, or just interesting things you find around the Internet. Share your opinion. Post links to recent news stories, especially those related to your niche, and offer your opinion. Share links to other people’s sites and explain your view.

When you post nothing but your blog posts, or posts to your other sites, your followers will lose interest fast. Don’t spam your followers. Be sure to talk about something other than yourself so that you don’t come across as a spammer.

Respond to all replies. When someone replies to your message, make sure to respond to them to let them know you got their message.

Don’t use all caps in your updates. This is one of those general online etiquette tips that applies to Twitter as well.

Check in from time to time with your account. Don’t start a Twitter account only to check in with it every few days or once a week. Make it a part of your daily routine so you can connect with your followers.

Who To Follow

To make money with Twitter your followers need to be targeted, active and engaged. A big part of accomplishing this is knowing who to follow. You should search for keywords that are related to what you tweet about. If you follow people that are not interested in the same things as you then they will most likely never follow you back and if they do they won’t find your content interesting. Just follow people that have tweeted recently. Doing so will increase your chances of being followed back. This is also clearly a good way of discovering active accounts.

Don’t mass follow people at ones. This way you are easily able to manage who hasn’t followed you back yet and ensure you don’t follow automated accounts. Avoid following people without any profile information or a profile picture. These are normally automated accounts and will just unfollow you once you have followed back. Also accounts like these are often banned quickly by Twitter, following them back can leave you following an account you cannot unfollow. Churning is when someone follows you and unfollows you on a regular basis in order to stay at the top of your followers list and is one of the most annoying things people do on twitter. You can block this user to protect yourself.

How to gain more followers?

You can use this services to help you gain twitter followers. Two months ago I had around 60-70 followers. With 30 minutes a day work and using the sites below now I have more than 1000 followers and still growing every day.

Twellow.com is Twitter directory when you can list your account to make it more visible for search engines and to make more followers.

Twiends.com is the best site to grow your followers. They use points system – they called seeds. Seeds can be accumulated by following people or by logging in each day. Twiends.com has recently added an auto follow back function. This feature has greatly reduced the amount of time needed to clean up your account. By setting your account to only auto follow back accounts that currently have seeds it is possible to grow your Twitter followers very quickly.

Free Twitter Followers

TraffUp.net work the sameway like Twiends, even more – you can use your point for retweets or traffic exchange. TraffUp have referral program. Every time you refer a user you will get points.

Using this services will gain you more followers ,but many of them are going to unfollow you soon after you following them back. That’s why you have to work to maintain your account clear.

Unfollow Those That Are Not Following You Use a service like Friendorfollow to discover who isn’t following you in return. Once you have discoverd who isn’t following you, you should manually unfollow these people.Never use any mass unfollow tools, twitter may ban your account. Keep a close eye on your timeline and unfollow any account you think is automated. Automated accounts will not only clog your timeline, they will never click your links or interact with you in any way.

Twitblock.org This site is good tool for spam filter and bulk blocking for twitter.

Twitter analytics services provide you with valuable insights that will help you keep track of many important factors of your account. Klout.com is a great tool and does an outstanding job of measuring how influential you are.

Other good service is Tweet Grader

Social Media Marketing Services

Social media advertising/marketing services act as the middle man between advertisers and tweeters or the users of other social networks. These are the services that actually make it possible for you to “get paid to tweet”, without them making money on Twitter would be quite difficult as you would have to do all of the ground work yourself.

There are many sites you can find on search engines , but here on this article I list most popular social marketing services that you can use for free to earn money on Twitter.

SponsoredTweets referral badge

SponsoredTweets is free to use social media advertising service by IZEA. SponsoredTweets gives people, small businesses and major brands access to both affordable and effective word of mouth advertising on Twitter. IZEA is a world leader in social media sponsorship, operating multiple marketplaces including WeReward, SponsoredTweets, and SocialSpark.

Unlike other advertising platforms the SponsoredTweets platform doesn’t present you with a list of offers, sponsors find you. That’s why you have to write the right tags correctly. You should use tags that directly reflect what you tweet about, for example if you tweet about anything and everything like most people do then you should use the “general” tag.

Getting sponsored can take a time, you do need to be patient. Your first sponsorship will most likely come after a few weeks. If you are making an effort to tweet “correctly” you should start seeing sponsorship offers more regularly. Before you accept the offer you should check the landing page and ensure it is something you would normally share.

You can earn more money by referring people as tweeters or advertisers.

My likes MyLikes connects advertisers with relevant social publishers who create tweets, facebook , tumblr posts or videos for them. They track all your MyLikes to formulate a quality score for each user. The higher your quality score, the more you get paid per click. Payment can be received via PayPal or by Amazon GiftCard. Payment is made every Friday.

It’s very important to tweet no more than 2-3 times a day commercials. If you tweet only sponsored tweets most likely will lose more of your followers. Post some news related to your niche, or some funny staff.

There are many sites where you can get paid for your tweets. Also hundreds are twitter related. It’s physically impossible to put all this information on this article. I will write more about some interesting sites I found online. You can expect more updates soon.

I will appreciate you follow me on Twitter. I always follow back my followers. Here is my twitter account:


11 Sites For Making Money Writing Articles

Make money writing articles online
Make money online by writing articles. Yes now is really possible to make money by writing good content. If you like writing and you are good, it is the exact job for you.
You don’t have to be professional writer .Even if you don’t have previous experience, there are opportunities that exist for all levels of writers.
There are many benefits of making money writing online.

   -You can work from home as many hours as you want.
   -Write about what you are passionate about.
    -Promote some product or affiliate business online.
   – You can build some backlinks to your blog or site, or even to some of your other articles.

Here are my list of 11 best site where you can earn money, writing articles online.

is most popular and well known article publishing platform on the internet. The pages you make are named lenses. Very easy to make and publish, also you have choice of many different modules and templates. The lenses rank very well on Google.
Squidoo is also social site. You can connect and make some new friends and have a lot of fun. There are millions of members, and more than 1000000 lenses on Squidoo.
There are many ways to make money -it is easy to link modules to Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon, Zazzle and many others. And the many ways to provide do follow links to your other sites. It is great to either use it to link to other sites or as the site to have all your other articles linking too.

is one of the best articles writing sites. On this site you create hubs. It is easy and simple to create well formatted content. Also Hubpages get much more traffic from search engines and for sure you could make good income from this site.
The same like Squidoo , you can make money in different ways. Using Amazon, Ebay, Adsense ets.

Very good site where you can write articles, share videos and images. You get paid 100% revenue that you make out of your pages or videos or images. Like other sites , Flixia is also social media, where you can make some new friends and enjoy your time.

is a great site.
On Helium you just write and get published. Share with other writers. Polish your freelancing skills. Helium supportive community members provide feedback, mentoring, and training.

is a site to share your knowledge and earn money for that based on the traffic you gained. Publish articles on Bukisa, drive traffic and get earn money for every 1000 hits your page makes. You will be paid a fixed amount for every 1000 hits and more traffic you generate, you will earn more money.

is a social networking community for geeks and enthusiasts of all kinds, people who are passionate about their interests and enjoy writing about them. You can easily create fun and interesting articles using many different templates — from Top 10 lists to recipes, from movie reviews to blog entries. You can write a little or a lot, it’s all up to you.This site is Google Adsense revenue sharing site.

    Triond.com is a complete publishing service that enables users to easily publish quality content of any type, in any media format. Publishing your work on a network of niche websites so you can reach a wider audience, gain more recognition and earn more revenue.

   GedGage.com is a website that pays you for your content and monetizes your social activity.
RedGage helps you make money for what you’re already doing online and by building traffic to your content on RedGage you can maximize your earnings.

is another site that is based on the Squidoo model. It doesn’t have a catchy name for the pages you create, but you do create the pages by using modules. They do have affiliate modules you can make money from like Amazon, eBay, Zazzle and others. You can also make money off of ad revenue from Google Adsense and Chitika and by referring new members.

is sister site of She told me – more famous one, but Shetoldme is not free to use any more.
On Best Reviewer you make a Tops List where you can list just about anything you want. That includes affiliate products. So you can make money from the sell of those products.
You can get your backlink by adding a link in the list. Not only you can make money from your affiliate links, Best Reviewer also shares the Adsense revenue from the money your Tops List makes. Also refer some new members and earn more money.

Again Squidoo looks like site. Zujava is a website that allows you to create your own original articles for free. Share your passions about any topic, and earn a royalty! Here you could earn and from referring new members.

   This is my list of 11 sites when you can make money writing articles. If you search, you can find much more. Just have to be careful and to check up before joining some sites, because like every were online have a lot of scam sites. There are some site, you can get paid especially to write articles for someone or some topic as a freelancer ,but I will write about this next time.

   You can’t make a fortune on this sites, but earn some additional income. It depends how much time and work you put on this. If you are good you can make more. The best way is to make your own blog or site, and when you have enough traffic, to make money writing. But some people are doing very well on Squidoo and Hubpages.

Ways to make money on the internet

    There are many ways to make money online. If you use search engines you can find thousands, but 90% of them usually are SCAMS. Of course there is a lots of proved and legit ways. This site mission is to save your time and protect you from being scammed.

How to know which one is scam and which legit.

  – First thing you should know is most of the legitimate sites never ask you to pay for joining them.
  – Before joining do some research. Write site name and scam after, if it scam there will appeared many pages about this.

    You should know about making money in internet is the same like working offline. There is no way to make easy cash and became rich for a month. You have to take your time and put some affords on this, if you want to succeed.
    Of course there is some easy ways to make money online, but you can’t make living on this.
    Depending on how much time and afford you put ,you can make from some extra dollars or you can make full time living.
    All the information is accurate, and updating all the time.I am regularly adding new and interesting ways to earn online.
Many links in this site are referral, and you are free to choose if to join or not. If you think information on this site is useful,I will apreciate you to join from my referral links. Thank you.
Welcome to Make Money Consulting and good luck in your way making money on the internet!