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Best web hosting – review.

Just host
Hi there, I am writing this article about Just Host, because I have personal experience and think Just Host is one of the best web hosts online.

If you search online you could find many reviews and articles about top 10 hosts, or best 10 hosts on the internet and Just Host is rated always in top 5. Hosting is very important for every site, so I made very good research and finally decide to be Just Host. Now I can say I am very satisfied with my choice.

Why? Below I will list most important reasons. I am not going to compare with some other hosting companies; there are many sites you could find about comparing different hosting providers. The top 5 are always almost the same, but I still think Just Host is my best choice.

– First choice of many people is the price – for example, my hosting plan is 2,95 dollars per month. (you have to see Just Host’s Bandwidth and Disk Usage Policy )

-You got 1 free domain registration with Just plan. Also you could transfer your domain for free.

-You have ability to host as many domains as you wish in your cPanel account. This means you have the luxury of managing all of your websites from one place and all on the same server!

– Outstanding uptime. Great 24/7 online support. 3 different way for communication with the customers – phone, chat and email.

-The prices are incredibly competitive and include an extensive list of features including unlimited disk space, unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts and the ability to host unlimited domains.

– Easy to navigate control panel, making it easy to set up, optimize and promote your website. Template designs, application installs, even free advertising credits—all these and more are just a click away.

-Money back guarantee.

I write this article with gratitude for Just Host, also I have to mention that Just Host offering one of the most rewarding affiliate programs online. With few sign ups you could host your sites for free , even to earn some additional money on the web.

For more information about services and prices you can go and check directly at Tell Me More page

Global Domains International – Affiliate Program

If you are looking for real and affordable way to make money online read about GDI.
Global Domain International – one of the best online business opportunities. You can make money online for life. Also this is unlimited income opportunity. Only your imagination is the limit. And it cost only 10 dollars per month.

What is Global Domain International?

Global Domain International, Inc. (aka “GDI”) is a top level domain name Registry which offers a robust global affiliate program for its core services.
Established in 1999, GDI was ranked #37 out of the top 500 fastest growing privately held corporations in the USA by Inc magazine in 2002, placing #5 in California. Since then, GDI has grown year to year, consistently increasing penetration of global markets, and has evolved accordingly with industry changes and demands, all the while remaining completely debt free.

What king of products GDI offer?

1. Site builder –you could make very easy your own site without any experience.
2. WordPress -you could host your blog on your own domain and subdomain up to 10 GB of storage.
3. Email-10 Email prefixes, 1GB storage.
4. Web hosting- FTP access, 100 MB storage space, 10GB monthly bandwith, 99% uptime.

How I can make money with GDI?

You can earn money with GDI affiliate program. Becoming affiliate allows you to make money by reselling GDI products. You will earn 10% of every product you referred directly and 10% of each referred sales from your downline 5 level deep.

Referring many people for your programs is not an easy job. That’s why most of the GDI members are working on teams. Me too – I am member of GDI Team Elite. And when you join my team you will have all the support necessary and as a team leader I will teach you to become successful marketer.

One more reason to join my team is:

Most of the teams working this way – your team leader give you the link and you are working to promote this link and to make at least 1000 hits weekly. That’s great; even some more serious people make much more hits. And they promise you to have 6 sign ups for about 6-7 months. The problem is many people are quitting. So it’s taking time and money until you get your 6 sign ups and become team leader. Until this time you don’t know how many people sign up from the link you are promoting and if they go in your downline or somebody else.

I guarantee you that from the beginning everyone in my team will promote the link heading to his referral page of GDI and every sign up from this link will go in your downline.

Also on GDI Team elite If you don’t make 1000 hits to your link every week, you don’t have any sign ups. But I know some people are joining GDI not only to make money, but to use their services. And not every person want to work hard to sell the products of the company. That’s ok with me. I promise that I will help these people to make some downline. Of course they will not have so many sign ups, but could have some additional income. So as a team leader I will give every sign up from my link to the 6 people on my 1 level downline until they get their 6 sign ups. Later I will give to my second level and so on equal.

The main thinks about this business are – GDI cost 10 dollars per month. It take time to build your downline , so you have to be ready to work if you want to make real money with GDI and not to quit few months later. We are very serious team and we have strong will to succeed. We support our downline and helping everyone to reach his goals. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Even if you are already on GDI, but you are struggling in your way to make money, you are welcome to join our team. We will make the difference .

Everything you need for your success online.

Marketing online
   On this page I put all together the things you need for advertising your business on internet. Mainly you can use these sites for free. But it takes your time, so if you prefer you can pay for some services and save a lot of work and time. You have to make your choice which one to use, or even you can use all them, but have to make a plan and schedule how much time to spend on this.
   I think these are the sites every one marketing online must join. Below I list them without priorities.

   1. You have to set up account on main social networks. Even if you don’t like socializing, have
to be sign up at least for Facebook and Twitter. This is the best possible free advertisements.
If you are serious about making money online, and have more time you have to join more. Here I added these which I am member of and already mentioned in my previous articles. Members of these networks are people with business interest
and you could share and learn a lot. First give you many free ways to advertise your business, last one you can only post some free ads.
– Apsense.com
– myNetworkingPro.com

   2. Traffic exchange sites. You can advertise your site or referral links for free. If you don’t have time, you can pay for credits to spend on these sites. Best one are with 1/1 exchange. And with geographical targeting.
– Easyhits4u.com
– Trafficswarm.com

For more you can check my list with Best traffic exchange sites.

   3. If you want to have more referrals in programs you are running, there are sites that are made
especially for this. I already wrote article about how to get more referrals, you can read more from this link: How to get more referrals. Here I just write a list of these sites.
– Downlinerrefs.com

– Programrefs.com

– Getref.com

– Simplerefs.com

– Targetrefs.com

   4. For bringing more traffic to your site or blog, and for improving your rang in search engines I recommend these sites. They are really SEO friendly.
– Linkreferral.com I already wrote about benefits of joining this site. So I will just mention shortly – fast indexing from Google, permanent traffic, have your site reviewed.
– Trafficadbar.com Hi quality traffic.
Site founder is Darren Merrett – founder of Tabzi.com.

   5. Email marketing. You receive mails and every mail you open gives you some credits. You can use this credits for sending emails to members of this site. One thing you have to do for sure – open Gmail account
only for this purpose. You will receive lots of mails. If you don’t have time, you can buy credits for sending emails. I am member of these 3 sites. In my opinion they are the best one to use. You can find much more if you wish, but it takes a lot of time opening hundreds of mails.

– Adchiever.com

– Buildmydownlines.com

   6. Text ads marketing. There are many sites you can use text add to promote your business.
Even in these 3 above you can post text adds ,but there are best for sending mails. Here are sites I use mainly for text adds:
– Ads2infinity.com
– Marketers-list.com
   You can’t use all sites at one time. Everyone have to make decision how much time to spend and
which one to use to promote his business online. I am checking all the time different sites and when I find some working better will add new information on this page.

Payza|Major online payment processor

May be you already know about this. AlertPay.com is becoming Payza.com this spring. One of the major online payment processors is changing his name. On this site have a lots of AlertPay.com links, and I am going to change them to Payza.com links. If you already have account, nothing is going to change. Below is some official information from AlertPay site.

The AlertPay that you love is becoming Payza this spring – to give you exactly these things! Thanks to a recent merger with UK- based MH Pillars Ltd, a leader in prepaid card solutions, we were able to join forces to take AlertPay to the next level of online payment processing.

On May 14. 2012, we’re launching a redesigned website with more service offerings to bring you an even better online payment processing experience. All of your information will transition to Payza.com – so you don’t have to do a thing! Same account number, same personal and financial information, same login & password!

Personal Pro Account Members:

Apart from a new brand name, nothing changes! All of your information stays the same:

• The same account (with your money in it)!
• The same personal and financial information!
• The same login and password!

BUT, you will get:

• New service offerings
• Enhanced customer support
• A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website!

Want even more services and flexibility from your favorite online payment processor? You got it!

• Smartphone & mobile phone friendly
• More countries and additional currencies
• Global bank wires loaded into your e-wallet in more currencies
• Enhanced customer support

Get a sneak peak of the new Payza design, and register your account here: http://www.payza.com.

Rules for success

Rules for success
   There are many articles about rules for success in live, in business and online marketing. Recently I am reading a lot about this. So I decided to write about the rules, because everyone has heard and thinks he knows about this, but rarely applied in real life. It is useful to read again from time to time and practice.

I do not claim to authorship, I collected everything from different authors, in a way that I like.

   1. Be positive. Believe in your own abilities.

    2. Follow Your Heart. As the idea goes having passion for your work means you will never work a day in your life! If possible always take a direction in which you have a personal interest! Developing a profitable business will take time and plenty of effort, but if you have a passionate interest in what you do it will be like child’s play to you!

    3. Organize. Routine almost always brings results therefore you will increase your chances of finding the financial independence you seek by getting organized! Do not expect to get much accomplished if you are always searching for files or trying to figure out what to do next! You must have a plan which will better coordinate your efforts making you more efficient and productive. Remember I forgot is not an excuse.

   4. Stay focused and do not wander from your core business intent or you will never complete anything! One of the most common obstacles you can expect to encounter when working an internet based business are all the distractions this environment offers. It is way too easy to get ‘lost’ aimlessly surfing about or to be tempted by every damn ‘opportunity’ you come across, of which there will be many! Maintain your focus and stay the course since this is the ONLY way you can expect to see the results you are seeking!

   5. Never give up. Almost nothing happens in the first attempt. Just because it seems that what you do does not work does not mean that it does not work. This simply means that it is not the right way to do it. The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.

    6. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Lighten up. Often, at least half of what we accomplish is due to luck. None of us are in control as much as we like to think we are.

Get paid for review

Get paid to review is easy way to make money online. And almost anyone can get paid for reviewing websites.

   When it comes to purchasing a product or a services, reviews play a big role in the decision making of many consumers. That’s why, many companies spend a lot of money on research market to understand what costumers think of their products and how they would like it to be improved.

   It is similar in some way with paid surveys. You get paid to share your experience with others about a product or a service that you have used.

   If you are interested to get paid to review and perhaps want to earn some money doing reviews, here are some sites you can join and make money.

   Epinions is a shopping.com company where members can earn money by writing useful reviews about different products. There is no limit to how many reviews you can write. The more reviews you write, the more money you make. The first 10 reviews that you write, earns you $10, 20 to 30 reviews earns you $20, writing 30-39 reviews earns you $30, and so on.

    For Every review you will be credited with some points which can be redeemed later to cash. No Geographical Restrictions. Anybody can join.

   U.S. residents can redeem when they have a blance of at least $10, and non-U.S. residents can redeem when they have a balance of at least $100. U.S. residents normally receive payment within 6 weeks of redeeming their Earnings. Due to the extra steps involved, redemption requests for non-U.S. residents will take longer to process.

   Ciao is one of the biggest paid survey sites, in addition to that Ciao also pays its members to write reviews on veriety of subjects, from electronics and CDs to books, restaurants and anything in between. You earn money every time your review is reаd or rated by other members. Once you have £5 in your account, you can request a payment.

   Ciao is a multi-million-strong online community that critically reviews and rates millions of products and services for the benefit of other consumers. Available free of charge to consumers in local-language versions in major western European markets, Ciao combines unbiased consumer reviews and up-to-date price information from hundreds of online merchants to make it the most comprehensive source of shopping intelligence on the web. Testimony to Ciao’s success, more than 38 million consumers visit the site every month, making it one of the largest shopping portals in Europe. No geographical restrictions anybody can join.


   Become a member at Dooyoo.co.uk and review products or services that you’ve used, and be rewarded for your efforts. Your reviews will help other consumers like you to make more informed purchasing decisions, and you benefit too – both through the rewards you will earn on the site (which can be redeemed for Amazon UK vouchers, cash, or charitable donations), and through the better shopping advice you will also receive!

No geographical restrictions, but if you live permanently in UK you can redeem you points for cash.


   Vindale Research is an Internet firm specializing in the evaluation of online products and services. We help companies evaluate their products, services and processes. Evaluations are performed by our members who are compensated for their time and effort.

   To begin earning money, you must become a member of Vindale Research. Part of becoming a member is stepping through a three part introduction that helps you learn more about paid surveys and what will be required to earn money.


   Rateitall is the fun and social way to find and share reviews about anything. And I mean everything! Local bars and restaurants, products, people, places, music, movies, celebrities, pets, poems, art, games, travel… anything that inspires you. When you contribute to the Rateitall community by writing a review, creating a list, adding items to existing lists or creating a user profile, we share the advertising revenue those contributions generate with the help of Google Adsense. You get 50% of the revenue generated by ads displayed nest to your reviews.


   Reviewstream is an international review site. You can write reviews on just about anything from electronics, hotels and restaurants to fashions, toys, books and everything else. Each review that you write, earns you $2, if it is on the hot topics requested by Review Stream. For any other reviews, members are paid 1.5$ per review. Once you have $30 in your account, you can request a payment, which will be paid to you via pay pal.

Traffic exchange sites list

This is my Traffic exchange sites list.

  Most of them are PTC sites also, so you can earn and credits the same time.
But mainly these sites are used for bringing traffic on your blog or site. If you do not have your own website, you can exchange your referral links from other sites, clicking on commercials.
It is free, but you have to spend some time on it. That is the cheapest way to promote online and some people don’t think it works,but it’s really working!

  • Easyhits4u. This is the best site for me. If somebody find better one, I will be happy to hear about.

    Easy hits for you

  • Trafficswarm. For me is not easy to use this site, but have a Lot of traffic to exchange, so if you have more time, you can use it.

    Traffic exchange

  • HitLink, before was 247Trafficpro. Good site,since 2007.
  • Trafficera. Good one.Since 2008. Give many activity bonuses.

  • Buxp. Also PTC site, but I use it mainly for Traffic exchange.

  • Trafficadbar.com is really SEO friendly traffic site.Founder is Darren Merrett founder of Tabzi.com
  • Websyndic. Autosurf site.

free web site traffic and promotion

How to get referrals

On this page you will find some proved ways, how to build your referrals down line.

1. Make your own blog or home page and put your referral links on it. This is not the easiest way, and will take some time. You have to put some time and affords and money to promote your blog. But after few months the results will came. Best places are Blogger and WordPress , where you can make it for free.

2. Other way is to promote with Traffic Exchange sites. This also work , and you can do it completely free. Just when you see some number of adds , you will earn credits, and later use this credits for advertising your own referrals links. Here you can check my Best Traffic Exchange sites list

3. Go to some other blogs and social networks and forums, make a post, comments and put your referral links. But if you want people to click on your links, you have to write some valuable information. Do not make it look like a spam. Just search in Google for forums related with that kind of topics.

4. And you could join websites ,which is especially dedicated for getting referrals. Joining referrals websites is free, easy to use and you will build your downline for sure.
It work in this way :

You are joining website, start earning credits, and later use this credits for taking referrals for your PTC down line. There is few ways to earn credits first you can click on some adds and look some commercials, other is to join some programs , witch other member is offering. You can earn by referring other members to this sites. And you can buy some credits if you are in a hurry.
For about 10 days you can add 1 referral to your PTC sites. You have to spend some time for this, but it work for sure. And is easy way to build your down line.

Here is my list of best referrals sites :

1. Downlinerrefs.com
2. Programrefs.com
3. Getref.com
4. Simplerefs.com
5. Buildmydownlines.com
6. Adchiever.com
7. Targetrefs.com

free web site traffic and promotion

PTC useful Tips

This tips are to help your start and for your success. Will safe you from scam, and losing money.

First is about how to take care not being scammed.

  • Before joining some site ,firs do some research in internet. Check what people saying about it, check if this site have forum, go and search about some complaints or issues to be solved. If there is nothing than proof of payments ,this site is risky.
  • Do some research in Google, just write site name and scam after it, if the site is scam, there will appear at least 2-3 results.
  • Take a look on site adds ,if the majority lead to his own forum, or from his own web site, it is strange.
  • If they promise you more than 0.01$ per click. This is the maximum, PTC sites pays for standard members. Just do not waist you time with this site.
  • If they ask you to upgrade in order to pay you. All legit sites pays to standard members.

For more information and list of scam sites, you can check this site:


Tips for success:

  • First and most important ,never give up. In the beginning is hard. Just click again and again for some penny a day. Also you have to put a lot of time and efforts to bring some referrals to your down line. Even some of them could be inactive. Just do not stop and will succeed.
  • Join only Legit and trustful sites. Do not waste your time. Also make a plan, how much you want to earn, how many referrals you want to have in this site.
  • Go to some other site forums ,blogs and show your referral link. Speak with your friends. This is the easiest way to get referrals.
  • One of the best ways is to use Traffic Exchange sites. Here is my list of Best Traffic Exchange sites.
    You can exchange your referral links in this sites for free.
    Important thing to know is if you are register in 2-3-4 sites, just do one page with all your referral links on her, and show in this way. This will save you lots of time ,and money if you paying for your adds.

You can read more information about how to get referrals in my special page:

How to get referrals

Legit Paid To Click Sites List

This is my list of legit PTC sites.

I am registered at few more, and when I have proof of payments, will add them to a list.

  • Clixsense. Most popular site, strongly advertised by his members.8 levels referrals.
  • Neobux. One of most trusted on the net.Best PTC site together with clixsense.
  • WordLinks.One of the elite sites.Long time running,since 2003.Most trusted.10 levels referral program.
    WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
  • LinkGrand. Also one of the most trusted.
  • BuxP. Trusted site. Long time online.
    Make money online