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About me

Hello, my name is Yanko Karamanov. I am Bulgarian. Live in Sofia city.

From  years I am working to make money on the  internet. I have trying many different ways. Some time get scammed. Some time succeed. I love  surfing   online, and  I have a lot of  different experiences. I spend long  hours , searching  for ways to make money online. And to understand , how the system work. And I continue to learn new things every day.

I hope information in this site can be useful  for other people, who want to earn money online.  Especially  for the beginners. Mostly to save you lots of time,  searching the web , and to save you from scams. I am trying my best, to publish weekly  different articles about how to make money online: PTC sites, Affiliate marketing, paid surveys, and others. And going to give you many different tools, tips that can be useful.

Thank you for being my guest! And wish you success in your way.

My passion is Social Media. Now we can get connected in numerous ways.You are welcome to follow me,share and we can grow together our online business.

All my social presence: http://xeeme.com/yankok

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