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Get paid for review

Get paid to review is easy way to make money online. And almost anyone can get paid for reviewing websites.

   When it comes to purchasing a product or a services, reviews play a big role in the decision making of many consumers. That’s why, many companies spend a lot of money on research market to understand what costumers think of their products and how they would like it to be improved.

   It is similar in some way with paid surveys. You get paid to share your experience with others about a product or a service that you have used.

   If you are interested to get paid to review and perhaps want to earn some money doing reviews, here are some sites you can join and make money.

   Epinions is a shopping.com company where members can earn money by writing useful reviews about different products. There is no limit to how many reviews you can write. The more reviews you write, the more money you make. The first 10 reviews that you write, earns you $10, 20 to 30 reviews earns you $20, writing 30-39 reviews earns you $30, and so on.

    For Every review you will be credited with some points which can be redeemed later to cash. No Geographical Restrictions. Anybody can join.

   U.S. residents can redeem when they have a blance of at least $10, and non-U.S. residents can redeem when they have a balance of at least $100. U.S. residents normally receive payment within 6 weeks of redeeming their Earnings. Due to the extra steps involved, redemption requests for non-U.S. residents will take longer to process.

   Ciao is one of the biggest paid survey sites, in addition to that Ciao also pays its members to write reviews on veriety of subjects, from electronics and CDs to books, restaurants and anything in between. You earn money every time your review is reаd or rated by other members. Once you have £5 in your account, you can request a payment.

   Ciao is a multi-million-strong online community that critically reviews and rates millions of products and services for the benefit of other consumers. Available free of charge to consumers in local-language versions in major western European markets, Ciao combines unbiased consumer reviews and up-to-date price information from hundreds of online merchants to make it the most comprehensive source of shopping intelligence on the web. Testimony to Ciao’s success, more than 38 million consumers visit the site every month, making it one of the largest shopping portals in Europe. No geographical restrictions anybody can join.


   Become a member at Dooyoo.co.uk and review products or services that you’ve used, and be rewarded for your efforts. Your reviews will help other consumers like you to make more informed purchasing decisions, and you benefit too – both through the rewards you will earn on the site (which can be redeemed for Amazon UK vouchers, cash, or charitable donations), and through the better shopping advice you will also receive!

No geographical restrictions, but if you live permanently in UK you can redeem you points for cash.


   Vindale Research is an Internet firm specializing in the evaluation of online products and services. We help companies evaluate their products, services and processes. Evaluations are performed by our members who are compensated for their time and effort.

   To begin earning money, you must become a member of Vindale Research. Part of becoming a member is stepping through a three part introduction that helps you learn more about paid surveys and what will be required to earn money.


   Rateitall is the fun and social way to find and share reviews about anything. And I mean everything! Local bars and restaurants, products, people, places, music, movies, celebrities, pets, poems, art, games, travel… anything that inspires you. When you contribute to the Rateitall community by writing a review, creating a list, adding items to existing lists or creating a user profile, we share the advertising revenue those contributions generate with the help of Google Adsense. You get 50% of the revenue generated by ads displayed nest to your reviews.


   Reviewstream is an international review site. You can write reviews on just about anything from electronics, hotels and restaurants to fashions, toys, books and everything else. Each review that you write, earns you $2, if it is on the hot topics requested by Review Stream. For any other reviews, members are paid 1.5$ per review. Once you have $30 in your account, you can request a payment, which will be paid to you via pay pal.