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Get paid to surf

Get paid to surf the web

If you are looking for easy way to make money online, paid to surf is the one. You can’t get rich from this, but you don’t have to work hard either. In the recent years, with the new wave of internet users and the growing popularity of internet amongst all kinds of people, paid to surf sites become more popular. And again there is a lot of scam all over again. You have to be very careful when you join some site.

Here I found some legit sites when you can get paid just to be online and doing nothing.But the truth is even some time legit and paying sites become SCAMS

MyBrowserCash now become very popular

After using the site for 1 year definitely I can say that MyBrowserCash is a SCAM. I am trying to withdraw my money more than 7 months.First time my money(19) disappeared from my account. I wrote a ticked, but have no answer. My next withdrawal request was for 40 dollars and after 3 months the money appeared on my purchase account. I wrote the second ticked , but still have no answer:).Now I have my 3 attempt to withdraw my money and waiting more than 2 months.Just my advice is: Don’t waste your time with this site.

The next text is my article I wrote a year ago about this site.

One of the best paid to surf sites.
They have more than 200 000 members. Give you 1$ to join and few cents a day for doing nothing. From time to time commercials appeared on your screen, if you click all of them you will earn around 10-12 cents a day. If you don’t want, just ignore them. You can disable this any time when you work.
If you invite some friends you can earn from them too. When your account reach 20$ you can request payout.

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Gomezpeerzone. This site concept is Get Paid to Keep your Computer Turn On and Make Money Doing Nothing

You just install gomezpeerzone on your computer, and do nothing. I have installed on my computer, and I can guaranty that is not virus and don’t slow down your computer speed. You can make some extra cash by inviting your friends.
Now there’s a way for you to help make a difference in the performance of the Internet – using the otherwise unused capacity of your PC. And, earn cash in the process!

Using the combined computing horsepower of thousands of PCs around the world, Gomez can measure, for the first time, the real-world performance of Web sites – from the end-user’s perspective. The data collected by you will be used by Gomez’s customers to improve the performance of their Web sites – eventually improving the online experience for us all.

Right now, Gomez is looking for users from all over the world with different Internet connection types, including dial-up and broadband users.

Gomezpeerzone.com has 10124 traffic rank by alexa.
There is no geographical restrictions. Anybody can join. When you make 5$ you can get paid out via PayPal.

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CashGopher is a website that empowers users to “let your computer work for you” and earn money by installing our downloadable software.

CashGopher is extremely simple to use. You download and install the software, use your computer as you normally would, and make money while doing nothing.

Once you have accumulated at least $10 in your CashGopher account, you are eligible to receive your account balance paid out via PayPal.

Cashgopher.com has 10124 traffic rank in world by alexa.

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20Dollars2surf is running from one year.

Site is French. It is Legit ,paying until now, and there is some time delays.
Less than a year have already 500 000 members. 20dollars2surf concept is:
You just install a banner on the bottom on your screen, and get paid for this. You can close this banner if you have some work. From this banner you will make around 1 dollar per month. Not much, but if you invite some friends and they invite some.You get paid 10% from your referral earnings on 10 levels deep .You can make simple calculation by yourself how much money you can earn from referrals.

I run campaign and if you want to join you are welcome. Basic concept is everyone who joining from my list will be added to list and support with commercials. Not everyone have time or desire to commercialize his referral link, so we do this together. When someone made 3 referrals 1 level, go out from the list and commercials go for these under him. Everyone will be happy! If you are interested go visit this webpage:

Even if you don’t want to put some affords earning from referrals, you can add some dollars a month, just doing nothing , and do what you do everyday – surfing online.

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