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How to get referrals

On this page you will find some proved ways, how to build your referrals down line.

1. Make your own blog or home page and put your referral links on it. This is not the easiest way, and will take some time. You have to put some time and affords and money to promote your blog. But after few months the results will came. Best places are Blogger and WordPress , where you can make it for free.

2. Other way is to promote with Traffic Exchange sites. This also work , and you can do it completely free. Just when you see some number of adds , you will earn credits, and later use this credits for advertising your own referrals links. Here you can check my Best Traffic Exchange sites list

3. Go to some other blogs and social networks and forums, make a post, comments and put your referral links. But if you want people to click on your links, you have to write some valuable information. Do not make it look like a spam. Just search in Google for forums related with that kind of topics.

4. And you could join websites ,which is especially dedicated for getting referrals. Joining referrals websites is free, easy to use and you will build your downline for sure.
It work in this way :

You are joining website, start earning credits, and later use this credits for taking referrals for your PTC down line. There is few ways to earn credits first you can click on some adds and look some commercials, other is to join some programs , witch other member is offering. You can earn by referring other members to this sites. And you can buy some credits if you are in a hurry.
For about 10 days you can add 1 referral to your PTC sites. You have to spend some time for this, but it work for sure. And is easy way to build your down line.

Here is my list of best referrals sites :

1. Downlinerrefs.com
2. Programrefs.com
3. Getref.com
4. Simplerefs.com
5. Buildmydownlines.com
6. Adchiever.com
7. Targetrefs.com

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