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PTC useful Tips

This tips are to help your start and for your success. Will safe you from scam, and losing money.

First is about how to take care not being scammed.

  • Before joining some site ,firs do some research in internet. Check what people saying about it, check if this site have forum, go and search about some complaints or issues to be solved. If there is nothing than proof of payments ,this site is risky.
  • Do some research in Google, just write site name and scam after it, if the site is scam, there will appear at least 2-3 results.
  • Take a look on site adds ,if the majority lead to his own forum, or from his own web site, it is strange.
  • If they promise you more than 0.01$ per click. This is the maximum, PTC sites pays for standard members. Just do not waist you time with this site.
  • If they ask you to upgrade in order to pay you. All legit sites pays to standard members.

For more information and list of scam sites, you can check this site:


Tips for success:

  • First and most important ,never give up. In the beginning is hard. Just click again and again for some penny a day. Also you have to put a lot of time and efforts to bring some referrals to your down line. Even some of them could be inactive. Just do not stop and will succeed.
  • Join only Legit and trustful sites. Do not waste your time. Also make a plan, how much you want to earn, how many referrals you want to have in this site.
  • Go to some other site forums ,blogs and show your referral link. Speak with your friends. This is the easiest way to get referrals.
  • One of the best ways is to use Traffic Exchange sites. Here is my list of Best Traffic Exchange sites.
    You can exchange your referral links in this sites for free.
    Important thing to know is if you are register in 2-3-4 sites, just do one page with all your referral links on her, and show in this way. This will save you lots of time ,and money if you paying for your adds.

You can read more information about how to get referrals in my special page:

How to get referrals

Legit Paid To Click Sites List

This is my list of legit PTC sites.

I am registered at few more, and when I have proof of payments, will add them to a list.

  • Clixsense. Most popular site, strongly advertised by his members.8 levels referrals.
  • Neobux. One of most trusted on the net.Best PTC site together with clixsense.
  • WordLinks.One of the elite sites.Long time running,since 2003.Most trusted.10 levels referral program.
    WordLinx - Get Paid To Click
  • LinkGrand. Also one of the most trusted.
  • BuxP. Trusted site. Long time online.
    Make money online

How to make money with PTC sites

Best Paid to click site
     PTC sites become very popular now . Every day hundred of new members join. Definitely this is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Depend of how much time and affords you put on, you can earn from some extra dollars a month , up to few hundred dollars

Let start with some words about, what is PTC, and how its work?

 A PTC (Paid To Click) is a website that pays its member for adds they click and view ,on a daily basis. Most of the sites penalize for inactivity.

   Site is connection between advertisers and its potential clients. Advertiser pays a fee to PTC sites, and they share a part of that fee whit its members, with the condition that members click and view the ads.

The number of adds depend , but there are usually 15-20 for 24 hours.

  Clicking the adds bring you from $0.0005/click up to $0.01/click for standard members. If some site promise you more its spam for sure. All the sites have different membership levels. Standard is free, and if you want to upgrade you have to pay and to earn more.

   Few penny is not the best deal, but if you refer some friend ,or advertise your referral link you will earn from every referral you bring to a PTC site. And if you register in more than one site ,the sum can increase considerably. Also some sites offer you to buy or rent free referrals .Every PTC site has his own terms of service, rules and so on, but each one have some other offers for you like different bonuses , contest, earn money for reading emails, signups. But my advice is not to hurry spending money before you are sure that site is not SCAM.

   Important thing to know is that among hundreds of PTC sites 80% are SCAM. You have to be very careful. Just do a research ,check if site have forum, go and see if there are some proofs of payments. But even if site have forum that is not safe for sure. Write on Google search site name and SCAM after it. If its scam, will show in many places. And most important is not spending any money for upgrade or rent referrals, until you have proof that site is LEGIT.I do not want to post scam list, because there are hundreds of them, also some time legit sites stop pay, so everything changes.

And it is not allowed to have more than one account from IP address.
 PTC sites are paying through PayPal and Payza. If you do not have account , first register from the links bellow.

Register for PayPal account

Register for Payza account

   After you register , just sign up to some PTC site and start earning! Do not know which one to chose? After 3 years of experience with PTC sites, I make my list with PTC sites thats are legit and paying.Even they call them Elite PTC sites, because they are running long time online, and never have any delay of payments. Here is my LEGIT PTC sites list.

All the sites on this list are proven and paying.With my experience of more than 3 years with PTC, first advice I could give you is to sign up with this two sites:




These two are definitely best ones online!True legit and always paying sites.

   Here you can read some tips that could help you to start earning and to succeed , and save you from scam and from losing money. Go to my tips page.

   How to build your down line? You can find out some easy and completely free ways to get referrals
on this page: How to get referrals