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Get Paid to Socialize

Make money socializing
    Every day more and more new social networks appear in internet. To attract new members and to to beat the competition some of them are ready to shear their profits with their users. It is a great way to attract more users. And members can earn some money during their stay.

    Definitely you are not going to get rich from this, but it’s fun way to make money. And this is something most of the people doing every day-with friends and family. Just here you get paid for this.

    Other very important thing you already know is if you have blog or website, social networks are great way to increase your traffic for free.

    If you are interested how to make money with social networking sites, and want to check here is a list with some sites that everyone can join. I hope you to have fun while making money.

One of the best paying sites.

  You earn $5 just for signing up with photo and the rest is as followed: (you can do most of these as many times as you want to), Create blog= 4c, Blog Comment= 1c, Upload video= 3c, Video comment= 1c, Post classified= 1c, Start topic in a group= 1c, Group Comment= 1c, Profile comment= 1c, Upload photo to album= 1c, Photo comment= 1c, Band comment= 1c, Chat reward= 2c, plus 5% of your referral’s daily activities. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to make money on this site. You will be paid via PayPal.

I am registered in this site, and I will appreciate if you mention my nickname: yankok, like the men who invited you, when you register for this site.

is an amazing looking Social Network. My favorite. The one I could join even if I don’t get paid. AdlandPro distributes 70% of its Ads revenues back to their members. To get the most out of this site, it pays to have a public profile. This way other members of the site can contact you easier — any of these could be new friends or customers!
They pay via PayPal.

Mylot is more structured like a forum site than a Social Networking Site. Here you get paid for referrals, posting comments on the forums, sending other MyLot users messages, and for the activity of your referrals. You get 25% of your referrals earnings every month.

10$ is the minimum Payment and payments are made via

is a Free Business Social Network where people get paid to come together to share their business. You can make money by chatting with other members, talking about business ideas, content pages that you create, content pages that your network creates (6 level deep). You can also make money by selling your own Ad Space, which you create to promote your business! Apsense shares up to 85% of the revenue with you.

Minimum payout is 25$ viaPayPal.

Of course there are much more ,I can mention only this two more Ghater.com and SideTick.com as some of the well known.

Have a great time socializing and making money online!